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It is a natural stone formed from fossil sediment deposits, which have been placed under the earth′s tremendous pressure for at least a few million years. The combination of the natural materials in these deposits, along with natural geologic events, produces unique veining with a richness of depth and intensity. Marble material is generally softer than granite, therefore scratching occurs more so on marble. This characteristic should be considered when making your stone selection. Generally, marble countertops are recommended for such places as: bathrooms, bar tops, fireplaces, etc; and granite countertops are generally utilized for kitchen countertops. Aside from our recommendations, if so desired, Marble can be used for any countertop.Marble is available in a multitude of colors from light to dark, and generally boasts beautiful flowing veins. This unequalled beauty makes marble a natural choice for countertops, bath vanities, wall and floor tiles or slabs, and tub and fireplace surrounds.Commercially, the term "marble" applies to any compact limestone that will take a polish, which includes most of the colored marbles, except some of the greens.

Arabescato MarbleBamboo MarbleBianco Carrera Marble

Arabescato                                        Bamboo                                             Bianco Carrera

Breccia Onicata MarbleCalcutta Gold GraniteCrema Marfil

Breccia Onicata                                Calcutta Gold                                    Crema Marfil

Dark EmperadorElla Green MarbleGalala

Dark Emperador                               Ella Green                                           Galala

Jaguar Jade MarbleMichel AngeloRainforest Brown

Jaguar Jade                                        Michel Angelo                                  Rainforest Brown

Rainforest Green
StatuarioSuper White Vermont

Rainforest Green                            Statuario                                           Super White Vermont

Tree Root BrownTree Root GreenWhite Carrera

Tree Root Brown                             Tree Root Green                            White Carrera